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We combine our expertise and cutting edge technologies to deliver customized flexible plastic packaging and multilayer film structure solutions for our clients.
ASIA PLASTIC & PACKAGING is committed to delivering high quality, quick turn around plastic packaging solutions to our customers. We are the leading flexible plastic packaging conversion company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we have been in the industry for over 20 years.
We use methods and technologies that enable us to manufacture flexible packaging that lengthen products' shelf life, is attractive, lightweight and convenient.  


We produce plastic films for wrapping frozen products, cheese, poultry and other applications.

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Either a stand up pouch or just a regular one, we tailor them to your specifications.

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Our extrusion 5 layer machine can handle production of several options for shopping bags, diaper bags and more.

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Flexible packaging provides a host of solutions to the most common problem areas in consumer goods packaging. To extend the shelf life of goods, flexible packaging gives you a better option. The chemical process we employ, combined with the advanced mechanical dynamism of our machineries, produce a flexible packaging product that provides our consumer easy and convenient solutions to transport, store and sell their products effectively at an optimum healthy and high quality standard.
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