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ASIA PLASTIC & PACKAGING offers a safe , high quality and sustainable conversion process for plastic bags and plastic rolls used for consumer product packaging. We are the first  in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to manufacture the five-layer co-extruded films.

Our plastic manufacturing and processing plants provide the highest quality standards in meeting our customers' demands for flexible plastic packaging and multilayer film structures.  Our manufacturing specifications are customizable to fit any customer needs, helping them reduce the processing cost and enabling higher yields. We offer better machinability leads, lessening processing time. Not to mention, we also enhance your products aesthetics while using less raw materials with the highest property grades.

Hence our plastic films are optimized and guaranteed to have a superior quality to withstand light, oil and moisture. We are experts in the area of resins, polymers and other additives necessary in the production of plastic films.  In the end, what we offer are but a superior product capable of a longer shelf life.


Our latest technology and advanced film production capabilities for blowing film, laminating, slitting, printing and testing deliver the highest quality of plastic films and flexible packaging requirements expected by all our customers.


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ASIA Plastic & Packaging is dedicated to producing plastic films with superior technical features, higher optical qualities and reduced thickness of film.

Asia Plastic offers the leading wrapping films in the industry.  Optimizing your packaging lines with attractive quality- price ratios. In addition the brightness of our films and printing are up to 9 colors and have great direct impact to your brand's image and value, once they reach market shelves and counters.


Our vast innovative films come in various technical properties in terms of rigidity, thickness, clarity and shrink rates. 


Best cost reduction solution through down gauging

  • 10% to 25% compared to traditional collation shrink films.

  • 50% compared to conventional method of packaging.

Clear and consistent messages and identification of brand through tremendous film clarity and gloss.


Strong mechanical properties such as tensile, impact, tear, etc. to hold up your product with strength and minimize the damage throughout the transportation.


Wider design flexibility, low process time and also less consumption of raw material required for packaging. 


A high oxygen barrier film, designed for packaging perishable products like packed beef, processed meat and other applications requiring longer shelf life.

This has a high gas permeability and is designed for packaging fresh poultry products.


Asia Plastic & Packaging's sophisticated specialty films are used to protect food from contamination and avoids harmful environmental natural occurring chemical processes. It can prevent permeability of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen easily. This greatly improves the shelf life and appearance of the products.


Asia Plastic is using the most advanced method and technology to produce these high barrier films, thus, meeting (if not exceeding) market demands and expectations. An innovative way to attract more customers and thus, higher yields through improved market shares.


High tensile strength and resistance of bursting, puncture and crack.

Environmentally safe, healthy and hygienic due to high barrier properties.

Excellent clarity and gloss provides higher product prominence in the market.

Resistant to fats, oil, alkalinity and organic solution.

Ease of high definition printing. 


Either a stand up pouch or just a regular one, we tailor them to your specifications.


We provide our customers solutions to keep their products safe from environmental hazards and give their products immense aesthetics and prominence so that products are more attractive and appealing in market shelves. We produce different kinds of laminated structures using all grades of BOPP, PET, PE and CPP for commodity items, food, snack, frozen goods, powdered milk, ketchup, chocolates, chips, bakery and the like.

We provide 2 and 3 ply structures with excellent multi-color printing quality. 



We can produce different kinds, styles and assortment of top-notch  plastic and shopping bags based on our customers' specific requirements:

  • Patch handle

  • Loop handle

  • Tissue paper box and roll bags

  • Frozen product bags

  • Chilled product bags

  • Diaper bags

  • Courier bags 



Using high performance extrusion technology, APP is producing PVC shrink films especially for bottle labels. We are also printing pearl film for making water bottle label rolls.

This is a low cost and high performance solution, with easy printing quality, high speed process and reduction of converting operations. 

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