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Asia Plastic & Packaging is one of the most innovative flexible plastic packaging solutions company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For over 20 years now, we have been combining innovation and advanced technologies that provide flexible plastic packaging conversion a convenient, safer & sustainable option to our customers. We are ISO certified and the standards we use, the guidelines we adhere to and the practices employed towards the production of flexible plastic packaging ensure the highest quality of our products and level of service to our customers.

Mr. Ajlan Al-Ajlan is the owner of Asia Plastic & Packaging and Mr. Saad Al-Ajlan is the General Manager of the company. 


We currently have three major plant divisions in Saudi Arabia and are dedicated to specific customized functions:

Riyadh Plastic Division 1 & 2 - our flexible packaging converters here produce innovative and customer-focused packaging. We have a vast range of services including printing, lamination, bag making and water labels or sleeves.

King Abdullah City Extrusion Film Division - A third factory, located in King Abdullah City is on its way to start its commercial production this year. This plant is equipped with the latest German-made 5 layer extrusion film machine that is capable of producing plastics for different types of applications. 

At Asia Plastic & Packaging we adhere to the economic, health and practical benefits of using flexible plastic packaging. It is sustainable as it uses fewer chemicals and components in the conversion process. It leaves less carbon footprint compared to aluminum and other packaging materials. It promotes a longer shelf- life for consumer products especially food and food products, medicine, cosmetics and other items which require longer storage. This greatly benefits product sales and marketing, through your products improved shelf-life and appearance on market shelves.


As we provide a better plastic packaging solution, the print quality on every product we produce translates to a higher brand value for our customers.

The high quality print label capability  of our plastic products positively impacts your products' appearance and appeal   as they are displayed on market shelves and store counters.


Studies even indicate that customers are willing to pay more for high quality flexible plastic products.


We take care not only our products, but as well as our customers. We guarantee that from processing and production to delivery, all details have been taken care of.  All our flexible plastic packaging systems and technologies have undergone a strict quality control process. Our processing laboratories are staffed with the best to ensure that we only produce and release quality plastic products.

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